ADA Laws Require Your Website To Be Accessible

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Be Accessible Inc. supports websites that need to engage the broadest circle of people. We believe online services can be open to all and empower those with disabilities. We help organizations meet website accessibility standards that are complex and evolving.

Accessibility laws, such as the ADA and Section 508, increasingly apply to websites, treating them as places of public accommodation–that must be inclusive to those with visual, hearing, and motor disabilities.

More than 1,000 web accessibility lawsuits were filed in 2017.

Be Accessible Inc. provides your company with a 3 Step Solution that doesn’t just give you a list of accessibility errors but a roadmap to fixing website issues and compliance. We’re adept in working with developers or executives, technical or non-technical staff. Moreover, we use a combination of automated tools and our own experienced auditors to inspect your website. We then coordinate a group of visually impaired people to test and navigate your site.

Besides the full audit and recommended fixes, we also provide training to avoid future issues, information on your present legal exposure, and above all, a face-to-face relationship with Be Accessible Inc.

Get ahead of legal risk and broaden the circle that can benefit from your product. We’d like to help.

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By David Gevorkian

David started Be Accessible because of his passion for website development and creating accessible products for businesses. He earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. David is a strong advocate for creating web interfaces and digital products usable by all people across the world.

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