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ADA compliance laws are changing. Get ahead of regulation and legal risk while serving a broader circle. 

3-Step Solution For Your Website

Step 1: Automated Testing

HTML code on a screen

We use a mix of automated tools to identify the location of easily fixed errors.

Step 2: Manual Auditing

A group of web engineers working

Our experienced web developers address your core accessibility challenges and provide a roadmap for repair.

Step 3: Usability Testing

Person using a Braille keyboard

We perform usability testing with disabled individuals, building empathy with more than just data points.

Here's What is Included...


  • Audit of your website or mobile app using automated software
  • Experienced web developers inspect core functionalities
  • Usability testing with blind individuals and JAWS screen reader
  • Deliverables include web accessibility notice and recommended fixes
  • Clear strategies that lead to resolution and accessibility policy
  • Work as or guide your development team in accessibility integration
  • Subscriptions to maintain highest level of ADA compliance

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About Us


Be Accessible, Inc. is a web accessibility corporation based in Los Angeles, California that helps businesses achieve WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance. We work with companies in any industry that are subject to website and/or mobile accessibility issues or that have started receiving ADA complaints and need guidance.

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Did You Know?

An average-sized business settles anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 for each ADA violation, and it can cost at least five times that amount if it decides to fight them.


It is estimated that as many as 10 million Americans are blind or visually impaired, of which 5.5 million are seniors. 

- National Federation of the Blind

The disabled population is the largest minority group in America at over 55 million strong with over $400 billion in spending power (almost 20% of the entire US population). 

On-Site Accessibility Training

Disability Awareness

In this training, we cover how to be comfortable working and interacting with people that have disabilities. Many people have not worked with a person who is in a wheelchair, who is blind, deaf, or deaf/blind. They have questions and are not sure what acceptable behavior is. This can result in unnecessary awkwardness or unintentional insults. We will discuss etiquette in addressing different disabilities as well as how to behave around a service animal. Moreover, we will cover the language used for different disabilities and explore the differences of empathy and sympathy. In extended sessions, we will also cover some aspects of legal compliance including the ADA and other regulations pertinent to your industry and company.

Accessibility 101

This training incorporates some of the disability awareness training described above. Additionally, it emphasizes technical barriers people with disabilities face and the ways they can be mitigated with assistive technologies. It also explains how obstacles can be reduced and eliminated through remediation. We will cover issues related to people who use wheelchairs, people who are blind, deaf, deaf/blind as well as cognitive disabilities.

Topics include: screen readers, Braille displays, ASL, telephone relay chat, WCAG standards and Section 504 and 508 of the American with Disabilities Act. We will also cover specifics to your industry and company.

Accessibility 201

This session builds upon the Accessibility 101 session. We delve into more detail and look at specifics for screen readers. We also cover issues related to UI and UX design and explore ARIA tagging, common traps, and mistakes in front end development code. We'll look at both successful examples of accessible tools as well as some failures. This session will include a presenter which will be experienced in writing HTML code, Java script, Agile and lean UX analysis.

We will take a surface level look at your company website and internal tools if desired and explore things that are both working well and that are in need of remediation. In addition, we will provide you more information about our 3-step accessibility solution. This will give your team a birds-eye view of how accessibility subject matter experts see your accessibility environment. Lastly, we'll establish a beginning level of communication that can start a path to becoming an accessible company. 


VPAT training is aimed at ICT procurement managers and similar staff. This is a deep dive into how to include VPAT and accessibility related language into your RFP processes. Also includes questions to ask your software and hardware vendors. The full day session includes complete analysis of VPATs with strategic suggestions of how to access VPATs and how to position your company to avoid risk in software and hardware purchases. 

Our training sessions are provided in 90-minute lunch and learn, half day and full day packages. 

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