Accessibility Services

We audit, test with disabled users, and fix accessibility on your website. Proven strategies to achieve compliance whether WCAG, Section 508, or VPAT.

We are entering the age of a professionalized internet with high expectations for accessible websites. We offer a variety of accessibility services that allow you to have a website accessible to everyone including those with disabilities.

Your business receives an accessibility statement. Posted on your website, this statement provides defensible documentation for your commitment to accessibility.

Accessibility Audits

hand with finger touching mobile deviceUsability Lab

The first step is testing your website with people that use screen readers.

Our user research generates key insights unavailable to sighted people.

outline of desktop and mobile viewAudit

A comprehensive evaluation of your website testing for consistency with accessibility guidelines like WCAG 2.1.

Our report provides recommendations to increase conversions and expand your audience.

two hands holding tablet with strategy iconsStrategy

An accessibility plan with clear and achievable next steps for your business.

We provide your team with an accessibility statement and help your business protect its website as content changes over time.

Accessibility Remediation

outline of desktop and mobile deviceWebsite Repair

We implement our audit and fix accessibility on your website.

We handle the development.

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Custom Sites

screwdriver and gearsPDF Remediation

We remediate documents created in any format including:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF

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silhouette of head and shoulders surrounded by starsExpert Support

We provide ongoing support for your tech team throughout the accessibility implementation process.

We offer live screen-shares and video conference calls with personalized feedback on all action items.

Accessibility Training

Accessibility for Decision-Makers

This webinar is meant for business owners that hire or employ developers but don’t touch code. Accessibility law are rapidly changing.

  • Review the regulatory landscape, parsing key insights from the surge of lawsuits
  • Learn how to do a high-level evaluation of your website – without knowing code
  • Attendees will walk out understanding how to evaluate digital products and develop contracts for vendors that come with built-in accessibility

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Accessibility for Developers

Most online barriers are via flaws in frontend code – flaws that could have been prevented by developers understanding the core principles of accessibility and having the tools to evaluate their own code.

Our half-day and full-day workshops offer hands-on experience building and testing common user interface features from images to navigation. Learn how to test out screen readers and how assistive technology works.

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