Accessibility Testing

Take the first step to to test your website for accessibility and establish inclusive and compliant content. Discover how well your website or mobile app provides access to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Be Accessible works with your team to ensure that your website creates digital experiences that are inclusive to all.

Do you have a mobile app? We can evaluate accessibility of your application too!

It is our goal to provide you with everything you need to ensure all of your digital products are accessible and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508 Standards, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

What does web accessibility testing include?

Our team of expert accessibility auditors will perform a manual review of your website and/or mobile application. We provide a comprehensive report that allows you to expand your audience and increase conversions. Your personalized WCAG accessibility testing report will include the following:

Report summary

A summary of the overall accessibility of your website that includes a defined scope and testing process.

Defect list

Defects are listed according to the latest WCAG success criteria along with an easy to understand explanation.

Usability lab report

Disabled individuals complete tasks and processes on your website and provide valuable user feedback.


We provide screenshots and screen recordings to increase understanding and to show the location of each defect.

Repair tips

We personalize repair recommendations to minimize your efforts and allow your team to quickly apply repairs.


Each defect is categorized by a priority rating to help your team understand the severity of the barrier and prioritize tasks.

Wrap up call

During our wrap up call, our expert tester provides detailed explanations and answers your questions about accessibility errors.


We provide an accessibility statement to display on your website to show how you prioritize delivering a seamless experience to every user.

During the review, we will also use the automated tool ADARocket to help locate simple accessibility barriers such as empty links and headings. While automated tools are useful for simple errors found in code, we prioritize and focus on manual testing.

Accessibility repair verification

We do our best to ensure that you and your team understand the remediation needed to increase your website’s accessibility. However, we know the value in having an accessibility expert certify repairs. After repairs are completed, we will review them to confirm accuracy and provide further feedback as needed.

If you decide that you need someone to apply the repairs for you, our accessibility experts will complete the repairs. Read more about our repair service on our Accessibility Repair page.

Free website evaluation

Use the form below to get started with a free website evaluation. One of our expert testers will review the general accessibility of your website. We will provide our recommendation for making your website fully accessible and compliant with accessibility laws.