Accessibility Webinar

We run workshops, teaching business owners how to build accessible sites and reach compliance goals–
before a court makes them.

We are in the age of the professional internet. As processes have moved online and people rely more on the web, there are new and higher expectations for online businesses – in accessibility just as with security and privacy.

Decision Maker Webinar

Businesses now operate in an environment facing constant threat from a whole class of private lawyers empowered to file complaints and extract settlements. Small businesses are treated as tech companies – that have the technical resources to immediately fix their website, and remove accessibility barriers.

For small businesses, most accessibility barriers are due to early flaws – flaws that could have been prevented by business owners choosing the right website platform for their organization and understanding the diverse ways that people will use their website.

This webinar is intended for business owners or content managers that don’t touch code. In 90 minutes, we cover online accessibility laws and how to do a basic audit of your own website. Business owners will gain knowledge of how accessibility features provide a greater online experience for all website visitors.

Participants will leave the webinar with an understanding of how to handle accessibility complaints and more importantly, how to deter them in the first place. A business can never stop people from filing complaints but through small but deliberate decisions, they can demonstrate that they’ve already considered accessibility and a lawsuit would not lead to a new remedy or settlement.

The schedule below is a typical schedule for our decision-maker webinar.

Accessibility Laws and Philosophy
Get Ahead of Regulation – ADA, Section 508, AODA
Accessibility for Small Business
How to Audit Your Website
How to Choose a Website Platform
How to Communicate to Your Developer
Why An Accessibility Statement
How to Handle A Complaint
How to Stay Accessible

Each person learns how to include web accessibility in their contracts and audits that work. The goal here is that business owners feel confident that they can be proactive about accessibility rather than reactive.

The webinar is just for your own business. No other attendees. So there’s ample time for questions and to reflect on our webinar. Contact us today to schedule your webinar or request more information.